Pentecost Sunday

Dear friends in Christ,


It is with mixed feelings of sorrow and joy that I tell you I will be leaving my position as Parish Administrator at Sacred Heart and the Newman Center, effective June 30, 2015. 


I have accepted a wonderful opportunity to move to Anacortes and work as the Parish Administrator for St. Mary. During the past few months as I discerned this prospect, I experienced a constant and powerful feeling that God was calling me to serve his community at St. Mary. Of course, there was also the persuasive voice of Fr. Marion (Qui-Thac) Nguyen urging me along. I will begin at St. Mary during a time of transition for the parish: all the staff will be newly hired, including the priest, Fr. Mel Strazicich, so the possibilities for where God will lead us are very exciting.


I was thrilled to take this position at Sacred Heart in 2008, as it has always been my desire to minister in some capacity; to do so at my own parish was the icing on the cake! The bottom line is I love this job and my parish because I get to be with all of you as we do the work to build God’s kingdom and for his glory. That is not to say there haven’t been challenges along the way, but they were overshadowed by the accomplishments. During my seven years as the Parish Administrator, and twenty years as a parishioner at Sacred Heart, you have become my family. Working with you has strengthened my love for our faith, witnessed daily by your love for Jesus and one another. Thank you.


Over the last twenty years, we have worshiped with several pastors, each bringing their style and vision for the parish, beginning for me in 1995 with Fr. Gary Morelli, to Fr. Marion who hired me, and then to our wonderful current pastor, Fr. Joseph Altenhofen. This coming year will also be a time of transition here at Sacred Heart and the Newman Center. I have no doubt that with God’s help and your support, Fr. Joseph will continue to implement his vision for the future of Sacred Heart…you’re in good hands and I am truly blessed to call him friend. 


I am reminded of the verse from St. Paul’s letter to his brothers and sisters in Christ at Colissae: “whatever you do, do from the heart, as for the Lord and not for others, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. Be slaves of the Lord Christ.” Col 3:23-24.


Your servant, Ruth Miller