The Resurrection of the Lord

Have you wondered what the Blessed Mother was doing on the morning of Easter? Scripture says that Mary Magdalen and Mary the mother of James and Salome went to the tomb on the morning of the first day of the week; interestingly enough Mary the Mother of Jesus is not mentioned among them. Now I’m sure much holier and more intelligent people than myself have mused on this before, but so far I haven’t seen anything on the topic. It stands to reason that she would be at the tomb of her only son, especially since they didn’t have time to fully prepare Him for burial a few days earlier. The fact that she isn’t mentioned as one of the women present is particularly peculiar. I’ve had the sad duty, in my short time as a priest, to walk with mothers who have lost their children, and it’s one of the most difficult things in the world. Add to the loss itself the fact that Mary’s son was beaten, spit on, nailed to a tree and then that she was prohibited from properly preparing him for burial for a couple of days, and you have the greatest motherly loss in the history of the world. I’ve grieved with mothers who struggle leaving the graves of their children period, so to have Mary not be mentioned as one of those present that morning ASAP on the first day of the week is incredible. After thinking about it for quite some time I came up with two possible reasons, though I don’t really think either of them makes all that much sense. One is that He had visited her at home and appeared to her before He appeared to anyone else. This is all together possible, but I just can’t get over the fact that apparently she had never told anyone about it, as it is absent in all four Gospels. The other one is that as His perfect disciple she fully knew and believed that He had to suffer and would rise from the dead. This line of thought inspired quite an insight. The question that kept popping into my mind was if she knew all this ahead of time, why was her reaction to all that happened to her son just like any mother’s? I think the question answers itself; her reaction was like that BECAUSE she was His mother. Fore-knowledge of a greater good coming from an event doesn’t eliminate the suffering that we feel as we walk with the person through the suffering. This speaks volumes for us as we go through life’s trials. Just because our faith tells us that there is something much better in Heaven doesn’t make the loss of a loved one any easier. Neither does it eliminate the suffering we feel here on earth; even Jesus wanted to “Have this cup pass from me if it be possible.” One would have to assume He knew what was coming. Prayers always, Fr. Joseph Altenhofen