The Baptism of the Lord

I just wanted to start off by thanking everyone who gave me Christmas cards, presents, wishes. They were all definitely appreciated. I especially appreciated all the fruit baskets; I have to say that I probably will steer clear of oranges for a bit, though, there is no worry of scurvy taking root in the rectory. The Christmas season was awesome! I hosted Kevin Ernest and Laura Rodrigues for dinner on Christmas Eve as none of us had any other plans and were all at the trifecta of Masses. I cooked up some pineapple pot roast, a dish of my own making. I figured that pineapple juice tastes way better than beef broth and pineapple is way better than potatoes so I just swapped them out. I added some Maraschino cherries and the taste was incredible. Believe me, I have tried a few other “personal recipes” and this is the only one worth mentioning, and in fact is the only one that is palatable.


This last week has been great playing golf down in the sun. I broke down last summer and bought new golf clubs for the first time since high school and it’s either the technology or my workout regime, but the ball is going farther than ever. That is of course when I hit it; I have developed a bit of a rusty swing now that I don’t play quite as much. That’s fine with me though, hearing confessions is way better than making a 40ft putt and no matter how far you hit the ball it’s nowhere close to as cool as celebrating Mass.


The rest has been great and I’m sure the variety is nice for all of you as well. I trust Fr. Treacy is treating you all well. This next week I’ll be out again at Spiritual director training in Chicago and then have a wedding down at my former parish next weekend. You will all have the pleasure of having my old boss say Mass, since we parish-swapped for the weekend. Then I’ll be back and I’m sure raring to go starting that following Tuesday.


In the Seminary we always learned that Christ’s Baptism is what made all water holy. As He humbled Himself to take on our humanity all His actions not only model what we are to do as well, but also give these actions real meaning. I was just reminded by a rather cheeky 8 year old that that’s not really how you make holy water, as he told me a joke worthy of the St. Vincent de Paul intake team. “How do you make holy water?.... You boil the hell out of it.” Hahhahahaha. Pat McEvoy, you’re welcome. I hope all of you are doing well and I’ll see you in a week.               Prayers Always, Fr. Joseph Altenhofen