Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ladies and Gentlemen, I just have to say that even though it has only been one week since we started the new weekday Mass and Confession schedule I’m already reaping the benefits. I feel like a new person, I have gotten at least seven hours of sleep every night, my prayer isn’t interrupted or squished in and I’m feeling pretty good. It’s almost like having Christmas every day, so thank you all as I know it may mean sacrifice for some.

 I received some reports that we had some picketers outside the church last Saturday evening. Now without having encountered them myself I can’t speak to the best way to handle them, so far they have only come around when I’m not here. From what I hear it sounds like the people are looking for attention so the best policy may be to just ignore them rather than confront, as I heard a few people tried unsuccessfully. It is still unclear to me exactly what they were doing but if they return I’ll be able to give you better guidance on the issue.

 With school starting up again we are about to return to our normal schedule at the parish. April Waldrop, our new Youth Minister, will be taking over supervision of the Religious Ed program so keep an eye and an ear out for announcements about upcoming dates and events. Our kickoff barbeque for all youth ministry will be September 14th so make sure and mark your calendars. This year we will continue our EDGE middle school program on Sundays after the 11:00 a.m. Mass and expanding our high school ministry to weekly on Thursdays. We will keep the teen Bible study, led by me, and on off weeks April will have Teen CROSS. Everyone is invited to both and both should be a total party, but I can only commit to twice a month right now, though I’ll try and come to CROSS if I can.

 My wedding marathon is on the home stretch and it’s good to be back in the parish full-time. I think the poor 5:00 p.m. Saturday crowd only saw me once during all of August. I guess I shouldn’t say poor, maybe they were happy for a break, if so just don’t let on or I would cry all over my pillow. I only have three more weddings to go and all of them are here at Sacred Heart so I’ll keep the car under 5,000 miles a month for the first time in a while.

 The start of classes at WWU is approaching quickly, but until then I’m going to keep basking in the fact that, at least for a little while, I only have one job. (This must be what Batman feels like when Bruce Wayne goes on vacation. Though I do have to say I have to do more crime fighting on the Newman side of things, you all are pretty well behaved.) I’m happy to see the increased integration between the two communities. Sometimes it really can feel like two different worlds so when you all come together it brings so much joy to my heart. It helps a lot to have our Disciples in Service because it reminds us that we are all working to build one another up.  

  Prayers Always,
 Fr. Joseph Altenhofen