Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This past week I had the opportunity to do a little work outside the office. Last weekend I was at the 50th anniversary celebration of a religious sister I worked with in the past; fifty years of consecrated life is quite a milestone. On Monday

I attended an annual priest event at one of the priest’s family farm. Each year we go out for the day to enjoy one another’s company, spend time out in God’s creation and compete in croquet. This last event is a fiercely fought battle of epic proportions; while no physical contact is made between players everything else is pretty much fair game in our attempt to defeat our opponents. I haven’t quite figured out whether this event consistently hosts the most competitive priests in the Archdiocese, or if there is some sort of latent force that lies dormant the rest of the year that comes out once a mallet is

placed in our hands. Whichever it is the results are incredible.


Tuesday was the Archbishops’ golf tournament benefiting seminarian education at Trophy Lake Golf course in Port Orchard. This year I had the opportunity of hosting some of our very own parishioners, the Adams boys. It was a fun filled day, though the round typically takes at least 6 hours, and I think the guys had a blast. They were all new to the game so I brought my brother along so that we could add a little experience to the squad. This meant we had five guys in the group, typically a no no, but for all you Pharisees out there when it comes to seminarian education etiquette disappears; though I do have to mention that we were the fastest group on the course proving that you don’t have to be good to play quickly.


Wednesday was my last day at CYO summer camp for the year. It was a gracious blessing to the kids of the Archdiocese that I was able to be there. Over the whole summer I was probably able to hear almost 300 confessions and celebrate Mass for a little more than that. This is quite a feat considering this is the only opportunity some of these kids have to be exposed to the sacraments; your willingness to let me go bore much fruit. On that note I would like to just thank all of you again for allowing me some time away. I know it means some extra sacrifices on your part, but it is greatly appreciated. We even had to go without daily Mass a few times, something that hasn’t happened in quite some time. Also, my apologies for the missed Mass on Wednesday, it kind of slid through the cracks with our DIS changeover. I’ll do my best to try and make sure this isn’t something that happens ever again around here.


As I mentioned earlier I will be out of the office again this coming week, but then I won’t be gone again for a couple months at least. I have to say that this wasn’t a planned thing, as this vacation next week was originally planned for earlier in the summer. I had it all planned out in May that I would be gone one week in early July and one week in early August, with a good period of time in between, to sort of spread out the joy of summer. Plans shifted on someone else’s part and here I am taking vacation like a python takes his meals: huge portions infrequently. I trust the Lord will provide as He always does, thanks again.   

          Prayers always, Fr Joseph Altenhofen