The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Souls' Day)

A few weeks ago at the end of one of our Friday Masses I made a funny mistake. Each Friday we expose the Blessed Sacrament following the morning Mass and then Jesus remains exposed in the side chapel until right before Mass Saturday morning. Since my arrival two years ago, we have had a variety of ways of getting Jesus over to the side chapel. For a while we did a short procession out the side door, then we tried a longer procession all over the church. Another time I just quietly exposed Jesus following Mass with no procession. Each has its pros and cons.


Well, this particular morning I sort of drifted off mentally while I cleansed the vessels after communion and went on auto-pilot. After I finished cleaning up I turned and went to the tabernacle to get Jesus out. This would have been all well and good except that we hadn’t done that sort of exposition with procession in over eight months. To say the least the servers were not ready for that one.


What’s even better is that as soon as I took Jesus out I stiffened, because I realized my mistake. At that point, what could I do? I guess I could open the door of the tabernacle and put Him back, there is always the chance that the server might cover my least that’s what I thought. As it turned out the server did try to cover for my mistake, but the monstrance he was looking for wasn’t in its normal spot and so he had to search for it. In his valiant effort to save me he shot down the hall between the sacristy and the side chapel—it’s right behind the wall under the Sacred Heart window. In doing so his rope belt got caught on the batteries we were changing on the wall and a table tipped over. J


So here we are, me standing like a deer in the headlights, my server presumably on the floor after crashing and Jesus resting in my hands. The Newman students have a phrase for something like this: “Epic Fail;” I don’t know the full connotation, but I have only heard them use it in the context of trying to do something and it’s just not quite working out. Here comes the best part! Jesus didn’t even care, I know because I asked Him; He was just happy to be with His people. Moral of the story: we all fail, but that’s OK. Just pick yourself up and move on. Jesus doesn’t mind the “Epic Fail.”

     Prayers Always, Fr. Joseph Altenhofen