Seminarian's Reflection
Fifth Sunday of Easter

 It has been two months since I first arrived at Sacred Heart Parish and the Western Catholic Newman Center and it is sad to think that I have only one month left on internship. While I will be around during the summer living in the rectory, my summer assignment will be working at St. Joseph Hospital in their chaplain training program. Hence, I will not be as active in the parish as I am now.

Every day is full of many joys. I have met so many wonderful people and I am very grateful for your willingness to share your lives with me, both the joys and the struggles. It is amazing to see how each of you are responding to God’s call to holiness and how desirous you all are of a relationship with Jesus. You have also shared with me your daily struggles either with family, friends, work, or your faith.

Having dealt with some of these struggles myself as I answer God’s call to the priestly vocation, I attest to the truth that these struggles will either strengthen or weaken, maybe even break, our relationship with Jesus. If we share with Him our struggles, if we allow Him to help us carry our cross, if we trust that He will care for us along these arduous experiences, our relationship with Him will flourish. We will become closer to Him than ever before.

The good news about Jesus is that He wants to have a relationship with us because He loves us. Will you love Him in return by allowing Him to join you in your struggles? By doing so, not only will you eradicate the sense of loneliness from these times, but you will also have an intimate companion with whom you can share the daily joys of life.

In this last month of my internship, I look forward to meeting those whom I have yet to meet and continue to build up the friendships that are already taking root. If you have any questions about the seminary process, the steps in becoming a priest, please ask; I enjoy talking about this journey. Or if you have any other questions or would like to meet with me one on one, please ask. It is a joy to be here with all of you. Please pray for me as I pray for each of you daily.

Your brother in Jesus Christ, Jonathan Cheever.