Weekly Reflection~from Fr. Joseph's Desk
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

After a considerable amount of time and not too-little effort, a new development director for the Newman Center has been found. We are pleased to welcome Cristina Nash to the team. Cristina is a Newman Center graduate and a current member of Sacred Heart. With the addition of Cristina we will now be able to put up photos of new staff on the bulletin board in the back of the church so that everyone will be able to recognize them. It is a relief to finally have things solidified after all the turnover this last year. It would be my hope to not have any more staff changes in my time here. I don’t know how realistic a dream that might be but don’t ruin it; dreams bring hope.

 We will also be posting pictures of the Pastoral council members on the back bulletin boards. As I had said earlier I want the council members to take on more of a representative way in the future. The members have been selected from a broad range of strata in the community so everyone should be able to find at least one council member they know and can relate with. With the council we will be spending a bit of time coming up with parish priorities and goals to support our mission of making Sacred Heart a place where all feel welcome and can encounter the Lord.

 With this in mind I would like to invite all of you to bring your ideas and thoughts to council members as they are there to be your representatives in making recommendations to me. I take my role as pastor seriously but I can’t lead if I don’t know what the people are seeking or what might be a place for growth. It can be likened to steering a ship in a fog; without input from others I can run the ship aground. In a sense we sink or sail together, which is one of the main reasons I brought Andi on board this year. You all are gifted in a variety of ways, ways in which I and my staff may not be, and she is here to help you to share your gifts as much as possible. So whether you’re a painter, plumber, teacher or party planner there is always a way to serve God’s church with your talent just let us know what your gift is and we’ll help you maximize your potential.

 In the next couple of months we will also be starting an Evangelization Committee, which will be charged with developing and recommending strategies for reaching out to the community at large, that includes everything from hospitality at Mass to outreach to the poor. The Gospel extends far beyond the words on a page and so evangelization takes on many forms and is vital to each one of us. The future is looking bright for all of us, for He is risen.

Prayers Always, Fr. Joseph Altenhofen