Welcome To Sacred Heart

Our Mission Statement:  Sacred Heart Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Seattle.  We believe in the life, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  As parishioners of Sacred Heart:

+We witness the presence of God in our community as a family, bound together by the Word and Eucharist+
+We journey together through worship, education, service, social activities and stewardship+
+We share our gifts and talents with the greater community in order to reach out to others and draw all souls to Christ+

Daily Masses beginning August 13, 2018:
8/13 Mass Mon, 9 am at Sacred Heart
8/14 Mass Tues, 9 am at Sacred Heart
8/15 The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Solemnity
            Mass Wed, 7 am
at Sacred Heart             
            Mass Wed, 6 pm
 at Sacred Heart
8/16  Mass Thurs, 9 am at Sacred Heart
8/17 Mass Fri, 9 am  at Sacred Heart
8/18  Mass Sat, 9 am at Sacred Heart

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
8/18 Sat, 5 pm Vigil at Sacred Heart
            Confession, 3:30 pm
8/19 Sun, 8:30 am at Sacred Heart
8/19 Sun, 11 am at Sacred Heart


 bergognone,  the assumption of the virgin , 1453

bergognone, the assumption of the virgin, 1453