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Father Joseph's Reflection
The Most Holy Trinity

In high school I used to work at a fancy-pants golf club in Seattle. The pay wasn’t great but you got to play golf on Mondays for free. I had a group of guys that I worked with that would get out to the course as soon as we could and we would play all day. Our record was 108 holes with no carts, and that’s a lot of walking. In order to keep things interesting, because golf isn’t hard enough as it is, we had a rule that you could do anything you wanted while the other guy was hitting his shot as long as you didn’t touch him. This added all sorts of spice to things.

We found that loud noises just as a guy began his downswing, tossing things in their line of sight, and public slander were some of the most effective means of throwing your opponent off. By far, the most effective was the wild monkey dance. The dance was performed by squatting down just on the other side of the ball so that you and the one hitting were facing one another. Then you would begin to basically bob up and down and wave your arms around while making the monkey call. It was hard not to laugh while you were performing the routine, but near impossible to hit the ball if it was used against you.

I was a late bloomer, so it became clear real fast that performing the dance against my buddies was a short-lived thing. They, however, were not quite as charitable to me. Being no lover of conflict, I decided to change myself rather than attempt to change them and developed a steely focus that was so intense that I once had an electrical transformer blow up across the street and I didn’t even notice, and I hit a pretty good drive too. The trick is to stare at the back of the ball, pick a dimple and think of absolutely nothing else. I tell you this story because I think it has real application in the spiritual life. Think about Peter trying to walk on water. He was fine as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus but started to sink when he got distracted. So, eyes on Jesus and nothing else! Do this and I suspect you can do quite a bit more than tune out an exploding transformer or defeat the wild monkey dance.

Prayers Always,
Father Joseph Altenhofen